Inverter Technology
Our generators are unlike anything that has ever been released on the market.  The biggest single differentiator is the use of Inverter Technology on our unit.  Our proprietary inverter uses a 5% pure sine wave that allows for cleaner, more efficient, stable power.  This is the first time inverter technology will be available for RV onboard power generation. A generator with an inverter still produces AC electricity, just like a conventional generator.  However, a rectifier is used to convert the AC electricity to DC power, and the DC power is “cleaned” and “smoothed” out by capacitors. In the final step giving this technology its name, the DC power is then converted back into clean AC power, resulting in consistent, reliable, “clean” power!

Why Purchase Inverter Technology
Inverter technology is widely recognized for offering cleaner, more stable power.  In the electronic age, this couldn’t be more important as many new electronic devices are using microprocessors, which are sensitive to the type of power used.  When using unclean power, you run the risk of damaging the device or facing user errors/malfunctions. Your laptop, phones, gaming consoles, blue-ray players, and now kitchen devices will benefit substantially from the use of inverter technology.  The result is more efficient power use and cleaner power!

Yamaha Engine
We have partnered with industry leader Yamaha to bring one of the most well-recognized household names into the space.  Yamaha is providing their robust MZ360KHIP3, an air-cooled 4-stoke OHV engine offering 10.4 Net Max HP at 3600 RPM. 

Unique Features
The NPS4500 and NPS5500 are the first of its kind to include two unique, user-friendly features on the unit.  The first is a pull start built into the unit. No more having to jump your genset in the event of power loss.  Simply use the pull start to get the unit back up and running. Second, included in all units is a remote start key fob that can be used for up to a distance of 50 yards.  If you want to get power going to the RV remotely, simply grab the key fob and hit the start button!

Hot Weather Certified
One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing these generators was cracking the “heat problem”.  As many of you are probably familiar with, running a genset in very hot weather can lead to shutting down.  This is because it’s very difficult to keep an engine cool when it’s housed inside 100’s of proprietary molds and a single piece fiberglass shell with the entire unit placed on the coach in an enclosed metal box. This is part of the reason we spent so long on the research and development phase. Our engineers finally designed a solution that worked producing a massive amount of air flow, so much in fact our generator sounds is often compared to that of a jet engine. We can attest to the technology used as we field-tested the unit in Death Valley in the Summer for over 1500 hours.  With the NPS4500 and NPS5500, you will be able to run in the hottest of temps without fear of shutdown.

CARB and EPA Approved
Our unit has also passed the CARB (California Air Resource Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agencies) standards for emissions, so enjoy the use of our generators in all 50 states!